Arkkitehtuurivalokuvaaja Wellu Hämäläinen

My story

My earlier work experience comes as an entrepreneur in the furniture and interior design sector. My greatest passions have always been ensuring a good customer experience, graphic design, high-quality photography and photo editing. Already in 2005 as I was developing the online store of my furniture business, I realized the importance of high-quality photographs and their impact on sales. The need for good images has continued to increase through increasing marketing channels.

A couple years ago I was offered the chance to sell my business and I seized the long-awaited opportunity to spend an extended holiday. I spent over a year of sabbatical enjoying my photography hobby full time. I bought new equipment, learned new techniques and studied my greatest interest, architectural photography.

I became interested in exterior and interior architectural photography because of its diversity and challenges. We are surrounded by many beautiful constructed spaces. The shape, light and shadows, purpose, materials used and feeling of these spaces are what I want to capture in my photographs to showcase them in their own right. Photo shoots almost always present unexpected challenges out of our control, such as weather conditions and people who need to use the space. I bring my own creativity to manage the process and achieve the desired outcome through various photography  techniques, compositions and post-processing.